Visitor Centre

The main building of the Visitor Centre offers the visitors an interesting interactive exhibition in which they can find out about the habitats typical for the region, their species-rich wildlife, as well as the cultural historic and ethnographic values of the area. Visitors can get an insight into bird life in the marshes bordering the oxbow, into the particularly species-rich community of wooded pastures near the water, and they can take an imaginary stroll under the canopy of shady gallery forests. It is possible to find out how people once living here adapted their life to living in this environment, how they could live in harmony with nature.

The special, multilingual installations show the treasures of the Ormánság using a variety of ways that capture the attention of all age groups. The Visitor Centre is suitable for our disabled fellow citizens too: the exhibition is accessible for physically disabled people, and an audioguide is available for visually impaired visitors. The lookout facility of the building offers a view of the Visitor Centre area and the surrounding landscape. The playground, open-air fireplaces and rest areas all serve our visitors’ relaxation.