Farm area

Further off from the Visitor Centre building, an animal farm complex is built up, showing the old Hungarian domestic animal types once kept in the Ormánság region. Here we can learn about farm animals that are rarely seen today but were helpful in the everyday subsistence of our ancestors.

There are Hungarian grey cattle, Mangalitsa pig, Hutzul horses, old sheep and poultry breeds on display. Although in a modern form, the farm buildings try to illustrate with their appearance the village setting that used to exist in the premises of a demanding countryman. Wealthy owners always built their farm outbuildings (barn and stables) from long-lasting construction materials, and the size of these buildings allowed even a cart with a high load of hay stack to enter. In addition to the thrilling experience meant by the tame animals that can even be touched, the tools that were used in peasant farms for animal keeping, collecting hay or processing fruits are also on display. Many of these would do the job even today, but due to the shortage of time and lack of manual manpower, they have become museum objects.

Animal husbandry

gyongytyukIn the Szaporca animal farm display our intention is to show and bring close as many types of indigenous domestic animal breeds, or ones that were naturalised long ago, as possible. The type of husbandry we apply here is the currently accepted extensive technology, meaning that our animals are not given industrial forage, and are kept out in the pastures for as long as possible. The only exceptions are the Mangalitsa pigs and the poultry breeds which are kept inside their enclosures in the display area. To satisfy their greenery demand, grass is collected and offered them. Most certainly, all the animals are under veterinary supervision, meaning that they go through all the officially required health screenings and veterinary procedures. Forage for the winter is collected from our meadows that are protected by nature conservation, which means that the hay we are providing is totally chemical-free. Because sheep require grains during the winter and pigs and chicken feed on grains all year round, we purchase this type of forage. We buy wheat, oat, barley and corn for this purpose.